About Us

About agency Aurora-Georgia

Welcome to the International Surrogacy and Egg donation Agency “Aurora-Georgia”, which is genuinely committed to its main aim – the birth of a long-awaited child!

“To become parents through surrogacy is much easier than you think!”

A lot of people around the world face difficulties when they start planning a baby. When all possible reproductive methods are unsuccessful, surrogacy and egg donation programs come to the rescue. Agency “Aurora-Georgia” will be able to help you achieve your cherished dream – the birth of a child!

Sometimes to become a parent through surrogacy and egg donation programs is the only way for a childless couple. This is a very difficult and uneasy decision. There are many issues which need to be scrutinized. And one of the most important factors is – where and how to select an appropriate surrogate mother and egg donor.

Based on the personal experience of the founder and leader, Mrs Ilona Ivanashvili, Aurora-Georgia focused its attention on correct selection of surrogate mothers and egg donors. A distinctive feature of our agency is individual follow up of surrogate mothers and egg donors.

We take care of our surrogate mothers and egg donors and we try to create comfortable and happy atmosphere for them. Our pregnant surrogate mothers and egg donors are transported to the clinic from home by taxi or by Agency driver. We do our best to avoid bothering pregnant surrogate mothers and deliver them all the necessary medications. A lot of our successful surrogate mothers are eager to start a new program with our Agency, being highly satisfied with cooperation with us.

Intended parents always have the opportunity to meet their surrogate mother and egg donor before the program starts. Whenever desired, prospective parents can communicate with their pregnant surrogate mothers with the help of different messengers and cell phones.

Aurora-Georgia makes the programs transparent, comfortable and positive for Intended parents and surrogate mothers.

Aurora-Georgia offers universal packages for surrogacy and egg donation with individual selection, which entail prenatal care, from screening of surrogate mothers and egg donors till the birth of the child.

During the years of helping Intended parents around the world, a lot of couples have already become successful parents. Our parents come from different countries, including the USA, Turkey, Russia, China, Mauritius, UK, Israel, Spain, etc. The Agency applies experience of leading medical experts and clinics in the field of assisted reproductive technologies.

Major principles of activity based on personal experience:
  • Absolute confidentiality;
  • Transparency;
  • Long-term experience of leading experts in the field of assisted reproductive technologies;
  • Work strictly within the framework of the current legislation of Georgia and the relevant norms of international law.

Aurora-Georgia will be glad to help you with creation of beautiful and happy history of your family, full of love and parental happiness!